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Put on your red Ryu headbands and get ready to throw countless amounts of fireballs at your opponents with the return of Street Fighter..

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Steamworks replaces GFWL in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition this Friday

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Games for Windows Live will be K.O. soon and so Capcom are almost ready to drag its sorry-self out of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and replace it with the more hip and down-with-the-kids Steamworks.

Microsoft's failed GFWL client is believed to be pulling the plug this July. Capcom are "looking to transition" current users to Steamworks what with Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Capcom wants new staff for "New Fighting Game" possibly next-gen

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Street Fighter executive producer Yoshinori Ono has announced that Capcom is on the lookout for a games designer and programmer for a "New Fighting Game" at their Tokyo or Osaka Studio in Japan.

The studio behind the new project is "making preparation for development in just now." A fan asked whether it would be coming to next-gen but Ono-san 'couldn't speak'.

Trademark for 'Fighters of Capcom' spotted

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Publisher Capcom has trademarked a new name which looks to band together the mass of brawlers from their catalogue. The filed patent encompasses every type of media to do with the name.

'Fighters of Capcom' could be a special new spin-off series pairing their fighting stars off, or it could even be a comic series. Time will tell what they've in mind for their muscle bulging roster.

Capcom: Street Fighter x Tekken has "fallen short of our plan"

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Sales for Street Fighter x Tekken have not been what Capcom thought they'd be, having sold 1.4 million units since its March launch, declaring sales "have fallen short of our plan".

They blame "cannibalism" as one of the primary causes, as other brawlers have released "within a short time" of each other. Meanwhile Slant Six was right for a Resident Evil game.

Capcom tease Ryu as Asura's Wrath DLC

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A teasing shot of Asura and Ryu squaring off in traditional Street Fighter style has been posted by Capcom Japan, but its DLC intended for the upcoming Asura's Wrath for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Will the new action game feature a SFIV mode? Is it just the most impactful way to announce Ryu's arrival via DLC? Capcom say they'll spill the beans soon. Famitsu award it 38/40.

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