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Super Meat Boy Summary

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Team Meat's attention returns to Super Meat Boy Forever

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Now what Team Meat's Edmund McMillen has released deeply weird police line-up game Fingered, he's returning his attention back to loveable Meat Boy.

"Super Meat Boy Forever is back in development again and is my primary project at this point now that Afterbirth is basically complete on my end and Fingered is out," he told Destructoid. "Mew is on hold till after Forever is out, the only target release is, 'When it's done.'"

Team Meat is considering a Super Meat Boy 2

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In an interview with Game Informer, Team Meat's Edmund McMillen revealed that the adventures of the heroic Meat Boy may not end with the upcoming touch-based spin-off Super Meat Boy Forever.

Team Meat release bizarre teaser for new project A Voyeur For September

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Team Meat, the two chaps behind indie smash Super Meat Boy, are working on a new game, titled A Voyeur For September. Judging by a newly released trailer... it could be about anything, really.

Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes had previously been working on offbeat cat-breeding game Mew-Genics (best title), but last month they revealed that project was on hold while they worked on something new.

Team Meat "shows no loss" from piracy and "neither should any other developer"

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Tommy Refenes of Team Meat has posted a lengthy blog explaining why apathy and refunds "are more dangerous than piracy." There's no way to accurately calculate losses to piracy, so how is DRM effective?

Having a digital copy pirated "does not equate to money being taken out of my pocket," says Refenes. He doubts companies have really investigated these 'losses' and just given knee jerk reactions.

Team Meat sitting out on developing for next-gen consoles

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Indie developer Team Meat, best known for its breakout hit Super Meat Boy, has stated the studio will be skipping next generation consoles, thanks to the cost of developing for them.

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