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Side-scrolling strategy Super Roman Conquest clears Kickstarter goal, hours left

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LucasArts veterans formed SeaCliff Interactive and got to work on a 3D side-scrolling strategy set in the days of Roman legions. They called it Super Roman Conquest and its Kickstarter ends today.

Fortunately the project has surpassed its goal by almost $9,000 from over 1,330 backers. This was despite a $5,000 pledge being pulled. It's in development for Windows, Mac, Linux and Ouya.

Ex-LucasArts devs announce Super Roman Conquest on Kickstarter

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Former developers from LucasArts have formed a new studio, SeaCliff Interactive, and have also announced a new game, Super Roman Conquest. The game, which the developer describes as a cross between side-scrolling action game and real-time strategy, is now on Kickstarter.