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Supreme Ruler 2010 Summary

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BattleGoat announces Supreme Ruler Ultimate”

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BattleGoat Studios has announced Supreme Ruler Ultimate, a new title that incorporates all of its other Supreme Ruler games into one super-package take a nation from the early days of World War Two into the near future of 2020.

So sort of a complete collection, but one that glues all the individual games together. Quite a neat concept.

Supreme Ruler 1936 Kickstarter offering "free digital download" of earlier title

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Developer Battlegoat is attempting to sweeten the pot for would-be backers of Supreme Ruler 1936 by offering a "free digital download" of their Supreme Ruler 2010 - the first in the real-time geo-political series.

It's being given to everyone for a "limited time" so it's not staying gratis forever. With 23 days to go, Supreme Ruler 1936 is a little over 10% funded as Battlegoat seeks $60,000 CAD.

Paradox unveil new Supreme Ruler

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From gamescom Paradox Interactive have announced a new title in the Supreme Ruler series subtitled Cold War, taking place in the 1950's.

The "timing feels perfect" to add a new Supreme Ruler game says Paradox, saying it's always had a strong community. It's coming Q2 2011.

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