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Supreme Ruler: Cold War Summary


Supreme Ruler: Cold War Review

Supreme ambition, cold chores.

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Supreme Ruler 1936 Kickstarter offering "free digital download" of earlier title

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Developer Battlegoat is attempting to sweeten the pot for would-be backers of Supreme Ruler 1936 by offering a "free digital download" of their Supreme Ruler 2010 - the first in the real-time geo-political series.

It's being given to everyone for a "limited time" so it's not staying gratis forever. With 23 days to go, Supreme Ruler 1936 is a little over 10% funded as Battlegoat seeks $60,000 CAD.

Supreme Ruler: Cold War 7.2.1 patch released

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Paradox Plaza has announced that the 7.2.1 patch has been released for Supreme Ruler: Cold War, which will include a new scenario, "Shadow of the Bear". The update will also include more than 80 new Cold War events, 65 actual leader pictures, more new units, unit meshes, technology updates, as well as some game improvements including significant game speed and AI improvements.

Supreme Ruler: Cold War released

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Paradox Interactive has announced that developer Battlegoat Studios 1950's global strategy game Supreme Ruler: Cold War is now available.

The game takes place during the frightening era of the threat of nuclear annihilation, as the Korean War looms, the Arms Race intensifies, the Berlin Crisis leads to the formation of NATO, and the specter of World War III hangs over the world.

Supreme Ruler: Cold War gameplay video released

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Paradox Interactive has released a new gameplay trailer for their 1950's era global strategy game, Supreme Ruler: Cold War.

Supreme Ruler: Cold War is gold

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Paradox Interactive has announced that their Cold War-era global strategic simulation, Supreme Ruler: Cold War, has achieved gold master status, making it on target for its July 19 release date.

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