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The Dark Eye: Drakensang Reviews


The Dark Eye: Drakensang Review

Dungeons meet dragons meet everything else fantasy in this re-visit to one of Germany’s favourite role-playing games...

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The dark Eye: drakensang · by Alexevil ·

i saw some gamplay in youtube as usual and after 2 minutes it was pointless to watch the rest of the gameplay , because the fighting system is just stupid, consider this , you got a team of 3 poeple and you have to litteraly choose each one of them and make them attack your opponent wich is prety lame because everytime you want one of your team mates to attack you have to pause and then target them , gosh its stupid they should have made it like Sword of the new world:granado espada , it is online game wich you can play with 3 characters at the same time and is easy to control all 3 of them

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