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It's like Metroid if the Power Suit was the star and it was really into point-n-click adventure games...

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Over The Moon's Artificial Intelligence Sequel 'The Fall Part 2: Unbound' Is Delayed Into 2018

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There's no shame in admitting your pile of 2017 gaming gems just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It's a massive year for video games, and developers are clearly starting to weight up the competition. Over The Moon's The Fall Part 2: Unbound has been delayed to dodge the onslaught of the AAA holiday lineup.

Non-DRM version of The Fall released on Humble store

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Vancouver developer Over The Moon has announced that its sci-fi adventure game The Fall has been released in DRM-free form today on the Humble webstore.

"Aside from Humble's philanthropic commitment, it's great to be on a platform that so widely promotes DRM free games," said Over The Moon's founder John Warner.

Steam Greenlight adds another 37 titles

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Another batch of Steam games and apps have been approved by Steam Greenlight, highlighted by the classic Treasure "bullet hell" game Ikaruga, the Enhanced Edition of J.U.L.I.A., an adaptation of Fantasy Flight's Elder Sign, first person adventure Montague's Mount and the sci-fi RTS/RPG/tower defense game Universum: War Front.

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