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The First Templar Reviews


The First Templar Review

The Templars were accused of worshipping Baal, just like David Brown, making him the ideal person to review it for us...

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Predictibly Underated.. · by SpartanEdge ·

Sigh..Yet another predictable review.. I had a feeling alot of critics & gamers were going to dismiss this game because its a 'bit rough around the edges'.So what if it hasnt got the best graphics you've ever seen! A game can still be good regardless,you do know that right? besides they're no-where near as bad as made out,looking very good in some levels i have to say,& the detail on the characters clothes & armour is very good(& historically accurate).As is the combat,which is really good! if you enjoy the combat in Assassins Creed & Demons Souls,then you'll enjoy it in this.Its SUPERB! If your not obsessed with perfection with graphics,& can overlook the Voice Acting,appreciate this game hasnt got a AAA budget & cut the developers some slack,go into this game with an open wind,& you may find yourself very pleasantly suprised..8.6/10

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