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The Good Life Latest News

The Good Life from Deadly Premonition creator SWERY is Twin Peaks meets Hot Fuzz, with cats

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Crowdfunding campaign now up for the RPG set in a happy English village where there's been a brutal murder and the townsfolk turns into cats every evening. Republique developer Camoflaj are helping on development.

After Deadly Premonition and D4 comes 'The Good Life', a SWERY RPG That Has A New York Photographer Morph Into A Cat [UPDATED WITH TRAILER!]

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If you thought the next game from Deadly Premonition developer Swery would stick within the confines of his past titles - like D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, you'd be sorely mistaken. His next game is summed up in a single statement: Become a cat, enjoy the night.

The Good Life gains new additions as Greenlight campaign continues

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The 'category defying' sim game The Good Life from Greek indie immersionFX is still being updated with new content as it now strives to pass the baptism of fire that is the Steam Greenlight process.

It's a sandbox game that's "part life-sim, part time-management, part tycoon" and all about free-roaming. There are new rides, more fish, more stats, multiple saves...

The Good Life coming to PC in Q4 2012

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Iceberg Interactive and ImmersionFX today announced that they have signed a deal to publish The Good Life, a tropical paradise simulation game coming to PC in Q4 2012.

The Good Life is a hybrid game that combines ship simulation, time management and tycoon elements, set on a fictitious tropical island complex with hotels, villas, bars or even ancient tourist attractions.