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The Sims 3: Generations Features

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Interview: We talk to one of the masterminds behind Sims 3: Generations...

Along with our hands on session with the new Sims 3 expansion, we also got to talk to Associate Producer Graham Nardone about this new outing and the franchise in general. Not the most... interesting, of interviews - Graham was very well 'trained' if you get what I mean, but he was a nice guy all the same, and had a lot to say about the specifics of Generations:...

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Preview: Is it time for a new expansion already? We go hands on with Sims 3: Generations...

So here we are, three years later and The Sims 3 is about to receive its fourth major expansion back. Whilst the third generation of the reality simulation game started off its add-ons with a bang in the form of World Adventures, it's interesting that the expansions since then have been more common fair. These kind of expansions can sometimes be a bit divisive, especially when...