The Sims 3: World Adventures

EU & US Release date: 20 Nov, 2009
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EA announce The Sims 3: Showtime, a "huge step forward" for the franchise

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For the first time in the long running franchise, gamers can send their Sims into a friends world where they can perform at venues. The players share rewards and watch their Sims rise in fame.

You can "live the dream as singers, acrobats, magicians and DJs." It works through the new SimPort feature, where you can send your Sim to attend gigs or even go on tour.

EA announces browser-based The Sims 3 demo

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Electronic Arts has announced a new Sims 3 demo, with a twist. The unique twist of this demo is that the gamer can play it entirely inside their browser.

EA reveal Hidden Springs for The Sims 3, downloadable world

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The Sims 3 Store is getting the Hidden Springs downloadable World this fall when it releases. Fans need to spend SimPoints in order to purchase the DLC.

EA tease a "deeper mystery lies within" the Hidden Springs for Sims to discover. Now they say 'World' but what they actually mean is 'town' - big difference.

Will Wright's Bar Karma TV show

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The legendary creator of all things Sim - Will Wright - has unveiled his next big project and it's a TV show where viewers 'decide and vote' what happens.

It's called Bar Karma and each episode will be 30 minutes long, with registered users submitting plot ideas, and then vote on the short-listed ones.

EA Maxis staff hunting for unannounced "online simulation game"

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The Sims developer EA Maxis wants a 'Development Director' to get their hands dirty with a next-gen "online simulation" title that's in the works.

They require someone who's shipped "at least one online PC title" that included "an online financial model" dealing with DLC and online stores.

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