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Deeper than Portal Philosophical musings don’t come more beautiful than this.

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Devolver Digital announces free Steam games including original Shadow Warrior

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Devolver Digital has announced they are giving away five free games on Steam, including the original 1997 version of Shadow Warrior and The Talos Principle.

Watcher Think? The Talos Principle - Road to Gehenna

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After The Talos Principle gracefully emerged on the scene nearly eight months ago now as one of the premier titles in 2014 (you can catch our review of it here, it not only redefined what we thought long-time Serious Sam developer Croteam was capable of but also that finally, at last, provided Valve's seminal Portal series with a proper contender to its first-person puzzler throne.

Enter then Road to Gehenna, an expansion pack for The Talos Principle which proves that last year's game was no fluke, Road to Gehenna once more brings those same philosophical musings and brutally clever puzzles to the forefront and does so with the levels of flair and visual flourish that were so evident in its parent title.

The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna expansion out July 23rd

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Croteam and publisher Devolver Digital have just revealed that the expansion for The Talos Principle will be arriving in a few weeks on July 23rd through Steam. Road to Gehenna features four episodes to boggle experienced minds.

The 'Devolver Digital DLC Ethics Department' wasn't happy about having over 100 DLCs at $5 a pop, so they crammed them together in the Road to Gehenna expansion; accountants wept.

'Road to Gehenna' expansion pack announced for The Talos Principle

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Developer Croteam together with publisher Devolver Digital have just announced an expansion pack for last year's ambitious first-person puzzler, The Talos Principle.

Titled, 'Road to Gehenna', the expansion pack is expected to release on Steam sometime this spring.

Demo for The Talos Principle now out on Steam‏

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There's a tech demo available on Steam for upcoming metaphysical puzzler The Talos Principle, featuring four levels from the main game.

It's described by the developers as a 'Public Test' rather than a demo, and is intended as a way for them to test out for "stress and compatibility" before the full release.

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