Thimbleweed Park Latest Updates

Meet Ransom - The Softly Named Clown Of Thimbleweed Park

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How's a clown supposed to make a decent living after having his fame and fortune stripped from him by a crazy old woman? It's a hard life in Thimbleweed Park.

Maniac Mansion meets X-Files in this Thimbleweed Park trailer

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Ron Gilbert is making a new adventure game. Ron Gilbert is making a new adventure game! If that doesn’t get you excited then maybe this shiny new trailer will.

Ron Gilbert responds to backer concerns after Thimbleweed Park budget comments

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Lucasarts veteran Ron Gilbert worried aloud about the budget for his retro point and click adventure Thimbleweed Park on a podcast last week, which unsurprisingly worried backers and fans of the project in turn.

Gilbert took to his blog to clarify things yesterday, reassuring fans that it's normal for a developer to worry about the project they are working on, and going into detail on how the game's $500,000 budget is to be allocated.

Thimbleweed Park hits Kickstarter goal in just one week

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Former Lucasarts developers Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick's retro adventure game Thimbleweed Park has been successfully Kickstarted only one week after the campaign began.

People sure do love Lucasarts adventure games. The game's raised $400,000, easily nipping past its $375,000 goal with 22 days still to go.

Maniac Mansion duo reunite to Kickstart retro adventure game Thimbleweed Park

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Two member of the team behind classic Lucasfilm Games title Maniac Mansion, namely Ron Gilbert and artist Gary Winnick, have reunited to set up a Kickstarter campaign for a brand new adventure with a retro design philosophy that recalls the golden age of adventure games.

Thimbleweed Park will, according to the developers, be like "opening a dusty old desk drawer and finding an undiscovered LucasArts adventure game you’ve never played before."