Titanfall Features

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Preview: Walking with Giants.

There’s a lot to be said for atmosphere, for the little things. Those wonderful touches that probably didn’t need to be there, but their presence makes you appreciate the whole experience more and more. Titanfall is full of them, which probably goes a long way to explaining why a lot of people seem to like it. Playing through the recent beta, I was awed – not by the Titans (as cool as...

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Preview: Is Respawn's opener more than just Call of Duty with mechs?

Heading into the next generation of console hardware, it always felt rather like the first person shooter genre was going to be defined, in these early stages at least, by known quantities. It’s the battle of the famed FPS creators from the last generation; would it be the folks behind Halo, or the folks who turned the genre on its head with Call of Duty 4: Modern...