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Titanfall Latest News

Respawn Entertainment On The Future Of Titanfall

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Despite its somewhat rocky launch, Respawn Entertainment is content with how Titanfall 2 is progressing as it ages and matures.

Nexon Is Helping EA And Respawn Bring Titanfall To South Korea

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In recent years we've seen more and more big-budget franchises turn up in Asian - or even Russian - markets as some form of Free-to-Play title not long for the Western world. Microsoft attempted to conquer Russia with Halo Online while Capcom threw a noticeably prettier Monster Hunter title at China. Now, even with the lower-than-expected sales of Titanfall 2, EA will deliver a separate Titanfall experience to South Korea.

Respawn Entertaiment's 2014 shooter Titanfall coming to Origin Access

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EA Games' Origin Access vault will "soon" be bolstered by Respawn Entertaiment's 2014 shooter Titanfall, according to a tweet from the official Origin account.

Origin did not mention a specific release date, although when it finally arrives Titanfall will become the seventeenth game in the Vault, joining the likes of Dead Space, Battlefield and Dragon Age.

Titanfall coming to Asia as a free-to-play online edition

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The practice of turning popular shooters into free-to-play titles for the Asian market isn't exactly a new one, so it's not totally surprising to see Titanfall make that transition.

Electronic Arts and Korean publisher Nexon made the announcement earlier today, confirming that the adaptation will be reworked on by both original developer Respawn and Nexon's own development studio.

Titanfall 2 won't release until 2016-17, EA reveals

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A few mech-happy folks might have been hoping that Respawn would release Titanfall 2 this year – unfortunately they'll have to wait to get their next fix of Titan vs. Titan action.

In an EA investors call that took place yesterday, an official from the company revealed that the sequel probably won't make the fiscal year 2016; “Your assumption should be 17,” said CFO Blake Jorgensen.

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