Tron: Evolution Features

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Interview: We interview a man about a prequel of a sequel.

Movie tie-in games always have a bit of stigma associated with them. It's hard to see them as anything more than a piece of mass-produced consumer ware that's just trying to cash in on the success of the film it's tied too, and few such games have done well. Tron: Evolution however looks like it's going to break that stereotype. We sat down with Game Director Darren Hodges and...

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Preview: We go hands on with the prequel to the sequel.

As a franchise, Tron is a bit of an odd one. Despite being a cult-classic, and a landmark for 3D animation in films, apart from the 1982 film nothing else was done with the IP. Sure, there were a slew of retro spin-off games all through the eighties and nineties, but it wasn't until 28 years later that a serious attempt to expand on this pop legend was made. Now, along with the upcoming...