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Tropico 6 New Gameplay Trailer Shows New Features

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Bridges, tunnels, election speeches, infrastructure, transportation methods, world wonders...

Tropico 6 Preview - El Presidente Is Back With 4 Beautiful Islands

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Teased through the most blatantly obvious trailer we've ever seen back in June, the existence of Tropico 6 – Kalypso Media's 'banana republic' city builder – was confirmed with another trailer just a month later. Fast forward another month and the group was on-hand to demonstrate some hands-off gameplay of its brand-new project at this year's Gamescom. Another month rolls by and we're finally ready to share what we saw.

Around 150 Buildings And 18 Landmarks Are Available To El Presidente In Tropico 6 Says Level Designer

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With some of the Tropico team moving to use another planet for their next city builder - Surviving Mars - the obvious question to arise from what was - what about Tropico 6?

El Presidente Will Preside Over A Series Of Archipelagos In Tropico 6 Next Year

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El Presidente never rests. Never sleeps. Never stops tending to the will of their people. Sort of, anyway. We can't imagine any ruler of a country ever deciding to seize a wonder of the world - but it's something you can do as one in the newly announced Tropico 6.

Kalypso Media teasing E3 2017 reveal for Tropico 6?

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Kalypso Media's got a lot of titles under its belt, but perhaps the most popular of those is the Tropico series, and it looks like we're about to learn more about a sixth entry in the franchise at E3 2017.

The brief Teaser Trailer only gives us a short look at El Presidente sitting in his office, tweeting on 'Splitter' saying that it's “time to get back into the game...”. It's then revealed at the end that we'll be able to rule again in 2018 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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