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War of the Vikings Latest News

Dual-wielding beserker class added to War of the Vikings in latest free update

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Paradox Interactive and developer Fatshark have added a new character class to axe-happy online brawler War of the Vikings in the game's latest patch; the dual-wielding Berserker.

Focused entirely on offensive capabilities and wearing almost no armour, the Berserker features a new combo system rather than the charge-up attacks of other classes.

War of the Vikings adds female warriors to the battlefield with new mini-expansion

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Paradox Interactive has announced the addition of female warriors to both Viking and Saxon factions in the historical close quarter combat game War of the Vikings.

The Shieldmaiden mini-expansion is inspired by real-life accounts of warrior women, and Paradox make a point of clarifying - "absurd and nonsensical boob armor not included." There's also an additional paid DLC pack which adds further customisation options to the new models.

Paradox release War of the Vikings, five new maps available

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Today Paradox Interactive officially release Fatshark's War of the Vikings across multiple digital stores for PC, and release an additional five maps to play with axes and beards on. This close-quarter combat game has three editions.

War of the Vikings has already been available to play as an early access version. Three classes and multiple game modes support up to 64 players in this Nordic axe-grinder.

Paradox announce 'Godlike Warriors' DLC for War of the Vikings

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Today is a day for Fools. Paradox Interactive have 'announced' new DLC for War of the Vikings called the Godlike Warriors pack, which imbues players with, well, godlike powers.

Why throw one axe when you can unleash a barrage, and thanks to the new "map-traversal" ability of Godlike Ascension, you'll never miss the action. If only it were true...

Fatshark's War of the Vikings due April 15th, live stream today @ 8.00 pm CET

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Paradox Interactive will be hosting another live stream later today for War of the Vikings, which is also confirmed to be releasing April 15th. Currently it's swinging axes and beards on Steam Early Access.

The latest features and news for Fatshark's first-person axe'r will stream at 8.00 pm CET (11.00 am PST) via the official Paradox channel, with Gordon Van Dyke hosting.

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