Warmachine: Tactics Latest News

First dev diary released for Warmachine: Tactics

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Developer Whitemoon has released its first update since getting its Privateer Press-licensed strategy game Warmachine: Tactics, which was funded on Kickstarter back on the 10th August.

Warmachine: Tactics passes $1.054M mark in Kickstarter backing, unlocks Cutthroat

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With 11 days left of the Kickstarter backing of Warmachine: Tactics, the drive has raised over $1M in funding with over 13,000 backers. This unlocked the last warrior in this leg of the Mercenary march, the Cutthroat.

Warmachine: Tactics hits $850K stretch goal with 22 days to go

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The Kickstarter crowdfunding for the computer game adaptation of the popular tabletop wargame Warmachine: Tactics continues to roll as funding has hit the $850K stretch goal with 22 days to go.

Turn-based Warmachine: Tactics enters Kickstarter, tabletop project almost at $550k

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The steampunk tabletop world of Warmachine is gearing up for PC as Privateer Press Interactive take it to Kickstarter. The project has barely begun and already it has over $442k in pledges, almost reaching its goal.

Warmachine: Tactics is a turn-based tactical strategy with single player campaigns as well as multiplayer. Privateer Press have partnered with studio WhiteMoon Dreams.