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Rumor: Door now open for Chris Taylor to develop Total Annihilation sequel

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With Wargaming.net now owning Gas Powered Games and picking up the Total Annihilation IP during Atari's auction of licenses, the situation is set up for Chris Taylor to make a proper sequel to Total Annihilation, his notable real-time strategy game.

Chris Taylor's Gas Powered Games acquired by World of Tanks' Wargaming.net

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In a surprise flanking manoeuvre, Wargaming.net has blitzkrieg'd its way into the offices of Chris Taylor's Gas Powered Games. They've bought the studio! The Supreme Commander developer is safe.

Taylor lauded Wargaming for being one of the "fastest growing" games companies today, and GPG's "experience and expertise" will help grow Wargaming's warchest of, err, war.

Wildman kickstarter cancelled by Gas Powered Games

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Chris Taylor's Wildman, after all the ups and downs, has finally been cancelled.

Situation at Gas Powered Games looking "much better"

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Amidst reports of an uncertain future, Gas Powered Games and its upcoming Wildman title seem to be heading towards recovery.

Gas Powered Games confirms major layoffs

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Gas Powered Games is currently funding its next game, Wildman, on Kickstarter, and it seems the studio really needs the money, as founder Chris Taylor has confirmed earlier reports this evening that the developer laid off a "significant" portion of its staff, roughly 40 employees.

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