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WildStar Features

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Interview: With the hype train speeding on for upcoming MMO Wildstar, big cheese Jeremy Gaffney took the time to answer a few questions.

A few years ago Wildstar was being written off as just another MMO among many. It looked like the smallest name on a sizeable list of competitors, and it didn't help that it was penned in shortly after The Elder Scrolls Online. But as the other big players nosedived into oblivion one after the other, Wildstar kept doing little things to peak the gaming community's interest. Now, with...

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Interview: An interview on the new frontier.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything concrete about Wildstar – good to see it’s still chugging away. We didn’t have a chance to ask many questions back in 2011, so recently we pinned Stefan Frost, Design Producer from Carbine, to the roof of our newly constructed settler house on Nexus and asked him a couple of questions. Strategy...

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Preview: Early Impressions of NCSoft's new MMO - Wildstar.

Playing through Wildstar’s Closed Beta, I can’t help but feel I’m looking back over the last decade of MMO design. These massively online games were around before World of Warcraft, obviously, but through good timing, good design and unrelenting promotion, Blizzard’s behemoth managed to grow to such a level that it basically set the agenda for the genre. You would think that we were...

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Preview: Nobody. Touch. ANYTHING.

When Wildstar first came to light a couple of years ago, the world was greeted with a slick, funny trailer and some early gameplay footage as a general proof of concept for this Frontier-themed MMO. Then it disappeared – had the natives risen up and wiped out this fledging colony of a game? Had the studio gone native? Nope, seems NCSoft just wanted to concentrate on Guild Wars 2 for a...

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Preview: GamesCom 2011: Wild thang...

Maybe there's blood in the water. Maybe MMO companies around the world are sensing that maybe, just maybe, now is the time to try and take on that elephant in the room. Either way, there's a few MMO's appearing now that claim to be doing, or at least wanting to do, the next big thing. Some actually, some do but somehow it doesn't seem enough, and others are pretenders. We don't know where...