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CCP cancel World of Darkness MMO, "our efforts were falling regretfully short"

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EVE Online developer CCP has announced that their vampire and generally supernatural MMO World of Darkness is to be no more. The project is officially cancelled with 56 staff laid off at the Atlanta studio.

This has been "one of the hardest" decisions for CCP's Hilmar Veigar Petursson, he said. In the end they were "falling regretfully short" of their vision for World of Darkness.

CCP Games lose 15 staff to "strategic adjustments" from World of Darkness team

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EVE Online developer CCP Games has shed 15 job positions at their North American arm as they re-evaluate the World of Darkness MMO, which is the long-in-the-making Vampire: The Masquerade online RPG.

The studio "remains committed" to the franchise which was originally announced as an MMO project back in November 2006, with the first in-game footage in 2012.

Second Decade Collector's Edition trailer for EVE Online, explores MMO's origins

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What the heck is up with all the space flying and ISK fraud in something called, erm, EVE Online was it? CCP Games has published a special trailer to mark the Second Decade Collector's Edition.

Ultimately it's to explain where the interstellar space MMO began life, and to get fans excited for the decade to come. The Collector's Edition comes bristling with goodies.

CCP touch on World of Darkness at EVE Fanfest

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EVE Online developer CCP has been tinkering with World of Darkness, their planned MMO based on White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade IP. They've got 70 people working on it right now.

These past few weeks they've been focused on art tools, server-side hardware, vampire powers and social tie-ins. The rest of 2013 will go to clothing, PvE, web-based social tools and item creation.

World of Darkness being played internally at CCP, will debut at Eve Online Fanfest

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CCP has revealed World of Darkness will face the light for the first time at this year's Eve Online Fanfest. CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar P├ętursson confirmed the vampire-based MMO is being played internally and will make a fleeting appearance at April's event.

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