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X-Men: Destiny Latest News

Denis Dyack "really sorry" over X-Men: Destiny, "did the best we could"

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In response to criticisms over the development of X-Men: Destiny, former Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has decided to 'clear the air' over certain issues, like allegations of 'diverted funds' away from X-Men.

He sat down with Activision all that time ago and revealed to them how the studio spent $2m more "than what we had been paid," so the studio put its own money into the project.

Xbox Live Marketplace content for next two weeks revealed

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Major Nelson has revealed the next two week's Xbox Live Marketplace content. As one might expect, digital content is light as retail releases dominate the Xbox 360 landscape. Some notable DLC includes the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Season Pass as well as content for Kinect titles Wreckateer and Fruit Ninja Kinect.

Silicon Knights Ordered to Recall and Destroy All Unsold Copies of Too Human, X-Men: Destiny and Siren, others

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Silicon Knights recently lost a legal battle against Epic Games. The company has been ordered to recall and destroy any unsold copies of Too Human, The Box/Ritualyst, The Sandman, X-Men: Destiny and Siren in the Maelstrom.

Report: Silicon Knights down to 5 employees

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Things have gone from bad to worse at developer Silicon Knights, as an anonymous source states that the studio's employee roster has been whittled down to just five persons. Back in June, it had been reported there were still 40 employees working there.

Silicon Knights lays off "small number"

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Dennis Dyack of Too Human developer Silicon Knights has confirmed that the Ontario-based developer has had to let some people go, "scaling back to a core group" moving forward.

In November the studio let 45 workers go dropping the head count to about 40. Dyack says the Nintendo rumours are "not true and has no basis in fact". Silicon owes Epic $4.5m.

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