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This Imperator: Rome mod is a partial conversion that tweaks the gameplay, adds some buildings, cultures, and interactive buttons to the game. Feature List: * A progressive stability system whereby long-term control of province unrest is required rather than click-button rewards * Assimilate and conversion buttons removed from pops; these processes are driven over time and can be influenced by governor policies and the building of temples * Cultures added to each culture group to represent foreigners acclimated to but never completely of your culture (E.G. 'Hellenized') * Pop interaction buttons to kill non-culture pops (for when you really want to wipe that city off the map) and to sell slaves pops in order to avoid food shortage problems * Removal of religious power and replacement with omens which can be assigned to different blessings for benefits to your nation * New province buildings added: Magistracy (court), Temple, Amphitheatre, and Library * Added two new unit types (javelins and slingers) for more variety in ranged units

Credits: RivtalDM

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Gladio Et Sal Mod 2 15 May 2019