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This Imperator: Rome mod allows players to move GUI windows around freely. WARNING: Not compatible with Iron Man Mode. --- Windows that can be moved: - The Overview Window - The Government Window - The Military Window - The Economy Window - The Diplomacy Window - The Religion Window - The Trade Window - The Technology Window - The Characters Window - The Decisions Window - The Mercenaries Window - The Macrobuilder Window - The Outliner Window - The Province Window - The Single-Unit Window (when clicking on an army) - The Culture/Religion/Happiness Window (when you click on a pop in the Province Window) - The Build Unit Window - The Select Idea Window - The Character Window (when you click on a Character from the Character Overview [Top Bar]) - The Trade Goods Window - The Declare War Window (check changelog for a little note on this Window) - The Choose City Window (when you want to move pops) and adjusted the size slightly

Credits: SirPenetrat0r

File name Downloads Added
Moveable Windows Mod 3 10 May 2019