Download Metal Gear Solid V - RM-Extraction

We've created a simple extraction program to install several premade mods for the video game Metal Gear Solid V. In our RM-Extraction program, we will automatically install and extract each mods flawlessly, to help those who are new to modding or are having issues installing these mods. The download link is located below! UPDATE! VERSION 1.1 UPDATE 2/10/15 NOTE: THIS ISN'T THE FINAL RELEASE, WATCH VIDEO BELOW FOR DETAILS! We are currently in development for updating our next installment for Metal Gear Solid V RM-Extraction version v1.1 Version 1.1 Includes: - Added more skins - Added more weather mods - Added more weapon customization - Added controller layouts - Bug fixes Picture (work in progress): Video: ===================CURRENT VERSION (STABLE)=================== Mod Features: - FPS (First Person Shooter) Mod created by Pao. The DOF (Depth of Field) is included, which makes the FPS mod look smoother when playing. - FOV (Field of View) change to 100, which gives you an optimal view if you have a monitor between 19-28''. - Kojima, Skullface, Kaz skins already preloaded - Sunny Weather Mod already preloaded - Restore all these mods to its default .fpk and .fpkd files with a click of a key! Known Bugs: - Restore FPS Mod gives you a message that it will restore the weather, ignore it. It will restore your FPS. - FPS mod will have missing hands with skins that are not of snake Upcoming Features: - Add more weapon cucustomization - Add infinity ammo - Add more skins

Credits: MontagesNmore

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RM-Extraction-7-1-0.exe 8 20 Apr 2015