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A Host of Optimizations (And Skins) Accompany League of Legends Patch 6.21

But we're posting the Halloween log-in screen instead.">just like last time, been nerfed.

And what's a patch without a few skins (and a ward), right? Joining in with the spooky festivities both Tristana and Morgana don the 'Bewitching' robes while Teemo finally accepts himself as being the literal Satan; or... little Satan. He gets the Little Devil skin.

Expect a more responsive death screen and internal rendering changes made to shadows that should hopefully net you a few extra frames, too.

The final big change comes in the form of a brand new game mode to join the weekend rotation with the likes of Ultra Rapid Fire and One For All arcade battles - Doom Bots of Doom. With a double helping of doom, the Halloween-focused event challenges players to survive in the field before going up against a final boss that hopefully isn't Veigar.

Though it's a shame to bid farewell to the beautiful Star Guardians log-in screen so soon, the new startup helps celebrate the brawls going down at the League of Legends World Tournament finals. But we're posting the Halloween log-in screen instead.


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