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Minecraft Creator excluded from Anniversary Celebrations for Inflammatory Comments

Markus 'Notch' Persson - the original creator of Minecraft - will not be included in this year's celebrations due to his curious Twitter commentary.

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Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition has been Rated by ESRB

A full remake of the original AOE 2 seems to be coming our way sometime in the future. What do we know about Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition so far?

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The Best Indie Games on PC

Some of the best gaming experiences aren't released by huge AAA companies who pump massive amounts of funds into marketing, licensing or the flashiest graphics technology can allow. Sometimes, small indie teams produce the most engaging gameplay, the most captivating stories. Here are the best indie titles you can play today.

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Cities Skylines gets Campus Expansion Pack this Month

Banking on people's wish to further the general education sector, Cities Skylines Campus will be the next major content expansion for the popular city-builder title.

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Surviving Mars Green Planet Release Date announced for May

Aside from giving us an official Surviving Mars Green Planet release date, developers have also mentioned what sort of additional content we should expect alongside this major expansion pack.

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15 NEW PC Games Trailers - APRIL WEEK 1 - Gameplay, Teasers & Releases

New PC Games Gameplay Trailers, Teasers, Game Releases and anything worth of notice that happened in the first week of April 2019.

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Green Planet is the Second Surviving Mars Expansion, Out This Summer

Surviving Mars: Green Planet is going to let us completely terraform the redness out of Mars, and the expansion pack is coming out soon.

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Tropico 6 Patch Notes - Second Update Released

Tropico 6 has just received its second big hotfix, dedicated entirely to resolving issues and fixing bugs whenever and wherever possible.

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Tropico 6 Liberty Happiness - How to Improve Happiness

In order to keep your Tropicans happy, you'll have to look after multiple things. Here's how to improve Liberty Happiness in Tropico 6.

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Tropico 6 Speakeasy - How to Arrest Kingpin and Strike a Shady Deal

Having trouble with the Tropico 6 Speakeasy mission? You get tasked to 'arrest kingpin' but how do you find or arrest a kingpin? How do you strike a shady deal with a crime lord too? Here's what you need.