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The Best WW2 Strategy Games

What are The Best WW2 Strategy Games? Given its tremendous global impact, WW2 has been often represented in all of pop culture's mediums.

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SEGA Says Make War Not Love On Febuary 16th in association with Creative Assembly, Relic Entertainment and Amplitude Studios

SEGA in association with Creative Assembly, Relic Entertainment and Amplitude have announced another Make War Not Love event that will run from February 16th until the 19th. The annual valentines mocking promotion pits communities against each other to win various prizes.

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Commandos 4 is Coming, but Pyro Studios might not be making it

Kalypso Media now owns the IP of Pyro Studios, creators of Commandos, Imperial Glory and Praetorians - and we're getting new games in those franchises and re-releases of all games in the series.

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Rebellion Buys Oliver Twins' studio Radiant Worlds

The struggling new studio from the creators of Dizzy has been acquired by Rebellion, presumably saving it from closing down - and they could be now working on Evil Genius 2.

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Company of Heroes 2 Is Free On Humble Store

Click here to grab your copy.

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Original StarCraft Will No Longer Get Matchmaking - Now Exclusive To StarCraft: Remastered

If you were hoping to get in on some free StarCraft later in the Summer, that's no longer an option. Blizzard have essentially put a paywall up in front of the upcoming StarCraft: Broodwar ladder and matchmaking features.

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StarCraft: Remastered Arrives This August With Exclusive Building Skins For StarCraft II Players

We haven't heard all that much about Blizzard's plans to remaster the original StarCraft since the reveal earlier this year. Rather, fans have just been taking any mention of past Blizzard games as confirmation of them recieving the same treatment.

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More Evidence Points To Warcraft III and Diablo II Getting The Remaster Treatment

Heading into South Korea early this year, Blizzard announced StarCraft Remastered - a spuced up, HD version of the original strategy classic that retains its aesthetic while making it more appealing for newer hardware.

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StarCraft Remastered Announced Sporting Sharper 4K Visuals And Fully Re-Recorded Sound

One of the bigger stories to break over the weekend came from the rumor mill proving true once more. Blizzard have entered the HD remaster game with a 4K overhaul to the original StarCraft.

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New Rumors Suggest A StarCraft: Brood War Remastered Announcement Is Planned For May

Fresh out of the rumor mills comes more talk of the original StarCraft - alongside Brood War - is to see a remaster unveiled in the coming months.