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Epic Games Store - List of Exclusive Games Available on the Store

The Epic Games Store is live with its first batch of games and first two freebie announcements.

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EVE Online Drifters Launch Huge Surprise Attack on Players

Things are heating up in EVE, with the mysterious Drifters now attacking and killing players on sight. What's going on?

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Open World Space Shooter Everspace 2 Launches on Steam Early Access Late Next Year

Everspace 2 sheds its roguelike skin, embracing an open world, RPG elements, and persistent player progression when it launches on Steam Early Access in late 2020.

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Sci-fi Roguelike Shortest Trip to Earth Flies Out of Early Access Today

After a successful stint in Early Access, Shortest Trip to Earth's full release is finally here, alongside an update that adds the final set of sectors and more.

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Shortest Trip To Earth Leaves Early Access Later This Month

Rogue-like space sim Shortest Trip To Earth is slated for full release later this month, alongside its final sectors and other additions.

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Players threaten to boycott EVE Online over chat removal

Since Drifters started making rounds around the galaxy, developers of EVE Online have been shaking up other crucial gameplay mechanics, including the chat window. Players haven't taken kindly to this.

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Elite Dangerous To Receive Massive Fleet Carrier and New In-ship Flight Tutorial

Elite Dangerous' September and December updates were detailed during this year's Lavecon, revealing the addition of a new in-ship flight tutorial, as well as an enormous Fleet Carrier.

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Outer Wilds Launch Trailer Reveals Release Date

Space exploration title Outer Wilds is scheduled to launch in a bit over a month, letting players wander through its handcrafted solar system.

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Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Gets May Release Date

Kerbal Space Program's second expansion, Breaking Ground, adds robotic parts, new surface features, a brand new robotic suit and more.

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No Man's Sky Beyond Update - Multiplayer Support Confirmed

Developer Hello Games and publisher 505 Games today announced No Man's Sky Beyond, the next major update for the sandbox sci-fi title. The update will finally add the much-requested online multiplayer support to No Man's Sky.