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Though it won't be ready for a full release until next year, Stardock is willing to have players smash up each other's fleets in the Star Control: Origins 'Super-Melee' beta next month.

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No Man's Sky is a difficult beast to tame. There's a love-hate situation surrounding a game that excited the masses when it was first revealed as a space exploration game that eventually didn't live up to the hype. With updates on the horizon, it's time to start chronicling the changes.

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Though you would have thought Frontier Developments were knee-deep in Planet Coaster and/or their new Jurassic Park game, they're still toiling away on the world of Elite Dangerous.

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Despite coming from a group called 'Hello Games', No Man's Sky isn't as inviting as probably should be. While the idea of discovering and traversing trillions (yes, trillions) of planets may sound like a beautiful way to spend your free time, the first few hours, at least through my experience, weren't so relaxing.

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The follow-up to the divisive X Rebirth will allow players to fly all the ships in the game, upgrade them, create space stations, and explore the galaxy. View the X4 announcement trailer inside. And no, it has nothing to do with the BMW X4.

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Whether it's one people love to hate, or a title people are actually starting to warm up to after all that launch commotion, Hello Games are still committed to properly supporting their first 'AAA' release, No Man's Sky. They have a reputation to fix, after all.

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Following a massive hype train that wrestled with controversy upon release, Hello Games have been doing everything within their reach to keep No Man's Sky alive - and to make up for the miscommunication that led to the ambitious space sim being regarded as far more ambitious than it was ever meant to be.

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Everybody wants something for nothing. Free is a fine flavor. For Iceberg Interactive, it's a flavor it appears to have in abundance. So much so that they're giving away Starpoint Gemini 2 for that enticing low, low price.

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The world is one vast, open playground. It is in real-life, and that fact only becomes more drastically true as we look at today's gaming culture. Constantly spoiled by these open spaces with developers constantly trying to build one larger than the last, it's time to look back at what makes these sandbox environments so gripping. And four of the leading development teams will be doing just that at PDXCON 2017 next month.

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Elite Dangerous fans may still be riling at the thought of hackers ruining their search and pillage game, but Frontier Developments are still actively working on the title. In fact, they've just decided to quickly incorporate NASA's recent findings into their space simulator.