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Take A 10th Car For A Trip To The Races In Mafia III's Custom Rides and Races DLC

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It may not have performed quite to the expectations of the general public, but 2K Games were content enough with the sales of Mafia III. With players still to please, it's time for the latest additions to the criminal sandbox - races!

Civilization VI Patch Notes - Winter 2016 Update

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Civilization VI only just released late last week on 20th October, with the launch going very well. It currently sits as the third most played game on Steam, with 99,138 players at its peak and some very positive reviews on the Steam store front.

With our review on the way soon, and there's still the excitement that mods will bring once the developers release the tools for it, it looks like Civilization VI will be on our play lists for a long time. That's one of the reasons why we're going to provide a handy little page to keep you updated on all the Civilization VI Patch Notes that come along, and what changes these patches make to the game.

Mafia III Update 1.04 - Changelog

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Mafia 3 had a rough launch especially on PC and the game has already been patched several times. A new update has launched which not only contains fixes but also includes free cosmetic downloadable content for all players.

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