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Creative Assembly Saves Crytek Black Sea To Create Creative Assembly Sofia

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Seemingly forever in financial trouble, it was only a matter of time before the reports of Crytek being unable to pay developer wages would mean the shuttering of yet another studio.

Crytek Isn't Paying Employees Again With Delays Of Up To 6 Months Being Reported

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It's never unheard of in the industry, but woes over at a major development studio happen all the time. But in the case of Crytek, it's happening yet again.

Homefront: The Revolution developer saw one-third of its staff leave in 2014 due to lack of pay

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Homefront: The Revolution will be arriving in a few months, but back in 2014, its publisher Crytek was facing insolvency, and Crytek UK (formerly known as Free Radical) was affected by this financial crisis, leading to Homefront's purchase by Deep Silver that ultimately saved the project.

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