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A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like you're the Queen.

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Creative Assembly have "a great opportunity" to continue with Alien: Isolation

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According to lead game designer Gary Napper of developer Creative Assembly, the plot to a potential sequel to Alien: Isolation is "a daily topic" at the studio, with writers playing around with "solid concepts".

Should they go ahead with a sequel to Isolation then they'd be sticking with the "same terrifying single Alien approach" and not go all action with a marine squad, like the films did.

Alien: Isolation updated with new Nightmare and Novice difficulty modes

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In case The Creative Assembly's survival horror Alien: Isolation wasn't tricky enough on hard mode, you insane person, you can now try it out on Nightmare mode.

The new setting has been added as part of a free update. There's some good news if you're of a less masochistic disposition though, because it's joined by a new Novice mode.

Alien: Isolation DLC out today, Trauma features new playable character

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SEGA and Creative Assembly want us "racked with guilt" as they release Trauma for Alien: Isolation. We play as Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lingard, who is "feeling responsible" for bringing the alien on board.

All that death and destruction is her responsibility, she feels, and decides to erase all data she'd recovered from the creature and to help those survivors left on the station.

Alien: Isolation available for 50% off on the Humble Store

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Now this is quite the flash sale; Creative Assembly's divisive (but actually excellent and whoever disagrees is wrong) survival horror Alien: Isolation is available on the Humble Store for 50% off until 6PM GMT this evening.

That means you can enjoy hiding the unique sensation of crouching, terrified in a locker while a horrible xenomorph monstrosity slithers back and forth in front of you for the very reasonable sum of £14.99/$24.

First Alien DLC pack drops next week, adding new modes and maps for Survivor

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The first of five DLC packs for Alien: Isolation will drop next week, adding three maps to the game's Survivor mode that all take place before the arrival of Ripley and co.

Title Corporate Lockdown, the expansion also adds a new playable character, a unique set of objectives and a new game mode in which players have to complete all three maps at once without dying. Yikes.

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