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Anno 2070 Complete Edition is ready and waiting

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Anno 2070 Complete Edition is now available in Europe and Australia. The handy package throws all DLC together for those who have missed out on the title previously.

Arma III alpha build best-selling game on Steam for the week

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Valve has announced the top 10 best-selling games on Steam, and the leader is the alpha build of ArmA III, followed by preorders for BioShock Infinite. The 10th best-selling game is the complete edition of ArmA II.

Anno 2070 expansion Deep Ocean dated and priced

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Ubisoft has announced the price and release date for Anno 2070: Deep Ocean, the expansion to their futuristic economic sim Anno 2070. The expansion will be released on the 4th October for $29.99 USD.

Domination multiplayer mode for Anno 2070 now in open beta testing

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Ubisoft has announced that gamers can engage in the open beta test for the new Anno 2070 "Domination" multiplayer mode, in which two teams of up to 5 members each fight for the highest score.

Players score points by solving single player missions that ramp up in difficulty over time; these missions can be finished solo or co-op. The team with the highest cumulative score unlock missions with different tasks.

Anno 2070 expansion Deep Ocean announced

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UbiSoft has announced a new expansion for their futuristic trade sim Anno 2070, Deep Ocean. The expansion will be released this upcoming Fall 2012.

The expansion will include a new civ level called the Tech faction, which is expanded by the Genius population class. The new Genius class adds the Tech Monument, new corresponding production chains and consumption goods. The class also adds new vehicles and items, unlocking new resources.

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