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Bohemia Interactive’s epic combat simulator is as close as you can get to real war without donning a uniform and shipping out to Afghanistan..

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Bohemia Interactive's database hacked, user info stolen

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ArmA players take notice: Bohemia Interactive has announced that user info, including usernames, emails and encrypted passwords, were broken into by hackers. While the passwords were encrypted, gamers are strongly urged to change them.

Arma III alpha build best-selling game on Steam for the week

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Valve has announced the top 10 best-selling games on Steam, and the leader is the alpha build of ArmA III, followed by preorders for BioShock Infinite. The 10th best-selling game is the complete edition of ArmA II.

Take On Helicopters and ArmA II join forces

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Bohemia Interactive has announced that the 1.06 update for the helicopter sim Take On Helicopters is now available. The update, which is codenamed "Downtown", not only features a large number of fixes, improvements and optimizations to the core engine, but also includes a new DLC pack called "Take On Helicopters: Rearmed".

DayZ creator, "You're never going to completely clear out hacking"

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DayZ continues to gain in popularity. The ARMA II mod is now getting a standalone game, and creator Dean Hall isn't under any illusions. When asked if he'll open the title up to modding, security was the first thing on his mind.

ArmA 2: Army of the Czech Republic hits digital distribution today

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Bohemia Interactive has announced that the ArmA II expansion, Arma II: Army of the Czech Republic, is now available. The DLC focuses on the variety of authentically modeled units and vehicles used by the modern Czech Armed Forces, as various deployments and tactics are demonstrated across different theatres of war.

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