After years of intense warfare against Eastern armies, Europe has become the last stand for the battered NATO forces.
EU & US Release date: 12 Sep, 2013
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Marksmen DLC pack available now for Arma 3

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The Marksmen DLC pack for Bohemia's military shooter Arma 3 is now available, giving snipers a whole new set of tools with which to master the art of shooting people in the face from miles away.

As well as adding five marksman rifles and two medium machine guns, the update introduces both ghillie suits and Remote Designators for marking far-off targets.

Arma 3's Marksmen DLC will be available this April

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Bohemia Interactive has announced a release date for Arma 3's next DLC pack, Marksmen. Coming April 8, the content pack will arrive alongside a major free update with new modes and weapon adjustements.

Speaking of weapons, the Marksmen DLC adds seven; five marksman rifles and two medium machine guns. It also introduces two new ghillie suits and two Remote Designators for marking targets at long range.

All the helicopter action you could want in the latest Arma 3 DLC‏

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You can get hold of Arma 3′s Helicopters DLC right now. Can you guess what it adds to the open world military shooter? That's right, lots more helicopters.

The new DLC packs in both the CH-67 Huron and Mi-290 Taru heavy-lift helicopters, adds four exclusive helicopter time trial challenge, and allows players to use 'sling loading'.

Free weekend for Arma 3 on Steam‏

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If you've ever fancied trying out Bohemia Interactive's open world military sim Arma 3, now's a great time to give it a go.

The game's available for free on Steam this weekend, and if you find you like being shot from a bush 500 metres away after running three miles to get to your mission objective, you can grab it for a 50% discount from now until Monday October 27.

Bohemia lay out 2014/15 developer roadmap for Arma 3, first DLC about helicopters

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Bohemia Interactive have posted a new blog that discusses their 2014/15 roadmap for Arma 3, which has completed its episodic rollout of the single player campaign. Now the studio looks to additional content.

They want to be clear that their strategy is "features are free, content is paid," and they don't want to split the multiplayer player-base. Their first DLC is to add "appropriate depth and breadth" to helicopters.

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