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Bohemia shows off Eden Editor for ArmA III, offers beta access to gamers

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Bohemia Interactive showed off their new Eden Editor for building ArmA III maps in a live stream, then revealed they're giving beta access to interested gamers.

E3 2015: Bohemia reveals Tanoa, Arma 3's upcoming jungle terrain setting

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At E3's PC Gaming Show last night, Bohemia showcased a new jungle terrain set making its way to Arma 3 in the game's first expansion, which is set for release early next year.

Tanoa is a South Pacific archipelago, which swaps the mountains and plains of core Arma 3's Greek setting for lush tropical vegetation, dense jungle foliage, and "imposing man-made feats of modern engineering."

Military sim Arma 3 begins free weekend on Steam, part of publisher sale

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Now's a good time to check in on Bohemia Interactive's latest military simulator Arma 3 if it's been on your 'to do' list but you haven't gotten round to it. It's enjoying a free weekend on Steam, with it discounted by 50%.

In fact there's a host of savings on Bohemia's titles from the standalone DayZ to the Red Planet visiting Take On Mars. Sorry but only Arma 3 is free to try out this weekend. Who can resist the allure of the 'Play Game' button?

Marksmen DLC pack available now for Arma 3

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The Marksmen DLC pack for Bohemia's military shooter Arma 3 is now available, giving snipers a whole new set of tools with which to master the art of shooting people in the face from miles away.

As well as adding five marksman rifles and two medium machine guns, the update introduces both ghillie suits and Remote Designators for marking far-off targets.

Arma 3's Marksmen DLC will be available this April

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Bohemia Interactive has announced a release date for Arma 3's next DLC pack, Marksmen. Coming April 8, the content pack will arrive alongside a major free update with new modes and weapon adjustements.

Speaking of weapons, the Marksmen DLC adds seven; five marksman rifles and two medium machine guns. It also introduces two new ghillie suits and two Remote Designators for marking targets at long range.

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