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EA Slashes The Price Of A Yearly Origin Access Membership To £20/$30

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Got a spare £20 saved for a rainy day? Imagine it's raining right now and start considering throwing that cash to EA for a full year subscription to Origin Access.

Plan Your Advances Early With This Battlefield 1 Frontlines Gameplay Demonstration

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They probably won't last quite as a long as a genuine skirmish, but the Frontlines mode of Battlefield 1 should give off a strong taste of war.

The Next Major Battlefield 1 Patch Is In Testing - Brings Increased Level Cap And Reintroduces Ribbons

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How often do you see a major game developer publishing its latest changelog through a Reddit post? DICE are doing just that to show off the mammoth amount of changes coming to Battlefield 1 once they're done having a go-around in the CTE.

New Details Emerge For Battlefield 1's 'They Shall Not Pass' Expansion Set

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In another popular shooter update, Battlefield 1 receives its first major piece of DLC in March; and the details are already slipping out.

Head To The Verdun Hills In Battlefield 1's First Expansion

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Keeping DLC news alive, EA have released new details regarding the first expansion to Battlefield 1.

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