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Black Mesa Latest News

Free mod version of Black Mesa will omit Half-life's alien Xen levels

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Hey, remember late on in Half-life, where you got zapped to an alien planet and ended up in gladiatorial combat with a giant, quadruped testicle? Yes, that was weird, wasn't it?

Well the free mod version of total conversion remake Black Mesa won't contain such a scene, development team Crowbar Collective has revealed in a Reddit AMA. In fact, it will omit the alien Xen levels of Valve's classic entirely.

Half-Life remake Black Mesa now on Steam Early Access

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Crowbar Collective, made of former Black Mesa Development Team members, has just brought their Half-Life remake - Black Mesa - to Steam Early Access. It's very close to the original with a few creative differences.

It's a community "re-envisioning" of Valve's iconic Half-Life, which introduced us to Gordon Freeman. Now we get the classical journey infused with new life powered by Source. They're '85% done'.

Black Mesa to be sold on Steam, open sourcing maps and some assets

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The indie dev team behind the total conversion Half-Life 2, Black Mesa, has announced that a standalone version will be available and sold on Steam.

Mod restores Surface Tension level to Black Mesa

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Black Mesa has been a hit with gamers despite leaving out Xen and excising some levels to get the game finished quicker. One of those levels, Surface Tension, is partially restored with a new mod.

Black Mesa leads first ten greenlit Steam Greenlight indie titles

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The first ten indie games to be greenlit by Valve's Steam Greenlight independent game initiative have been revealed. The list is headed by the long awaited Black Mesa, and also includes Heroes & Generals and Routine.

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