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It's another Dark Eye game from Daedalic, but it's an RPG this time!

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Daedalic post second part to 'New Features' video for SRPG Blackguards 2

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The next part of the 'New Features' video trailer for Blackguards 2 has been released by Daedalic Entertainment, their first ever attempt at a strategy RPG series starring a band of anti-heroes.

What's new in terms of features and mechanics are highlighted in this series, which will also look at combat, characters and gameplay. Blackguards 2 is due for release in 2015.

Daedalic announces Blackguards 2 releasing January 20th, 2015

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Publisher Daedalic Entertainment has dated the sequel Blackguards 2, the turn-based strategy RPG based on The Dark Eye fantasy universe. Fan feedback has been instrumental to the team.

It will release for PC and Mac on January 20th next year, confirms Daedalic, and the RPG continues to use the rulebook of The Dark Eye. It will be available through Steam, GOG and more.

Daedalic reveal DLC Untold Legends out March 4th for Blackguards

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Turn-based RPG Blackguards will be having its story expanded March 4th when Untold Legends releases as DLC. It's included for free as part of the Contributors Edition, otherwise it's £3.99 for the content.

It explores more of former slave and arena fighter Takate's background, and we can help take revenge on his slavers. Patch 1.3 will launch alongside the new content.

Daedalic release Blackguards demo, sample turn-based RPG's first chapter

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The Steam Early Access for Blackguards is still running but Daedalic Entertainment has today released a demo version of their very first turn-based RPG, set in The Dark Eye fantasy universe.

The Blackguards demo contains the first chapter, which was the initial Early Access version available, except the demo offers the "finalised" first chapter courtesy of feedback.

Daedalic release 'Video Guide 1: Character Class Selection' for Blackguards

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A series of video guides are set to be released over the coming weeks for Daedalic Entertainment's Blackguards, their first ever turn-based tactical RPG with it set in the Dark Eye pen & paper universe.

The first video guide puts the spotlight on character class selection and is designed to ease new players to Blackguard into the "pretty complex set of rules" running silently behind the scenes.

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