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NCSOFT details free-to-play and premium membership options for the Western release of martial arts MMO Blade and Soul

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Publisher NCSOFT has revealed its planned free-to-play business model for Blade and Soul, the Korean martial arts themed MMORPG that's coming to Western audiences later this year.

”The free-to-play model will give players unrestricted access to all content within Blade and Soul,” the company explains. ”NCoin, a currency already used for NCSOFT games such as Aion and Lineage 2, will enable players to purchase things like convenience items (food and experience potions), quality of life improvements (such as inventory and character slots) and cosmetic items (such as costumes and pet accessories).”

NCSOFT is bringing martial arts MMO Blade & Soul to NA and Europe this Winter

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NCSOFT has announced that it's bringing Asian market MMO Blade & Soul across to North America and Europe this Winter, with a new free-to-play model.

The game, which has been amongst the most popular subscription model MMO's since it launched in the East back in 2012, has an action-packed style inspired traditional wuxia (martial hero) literature.

NCSoft announces Western release of Blade & Soul

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Fans of Asian martial arts fantasy films such as House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon can rejoice as NCSoft has announced that the hugely popular action MMO Blade & Soul will be coming to Western markets.

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