Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl 2 is the sequel of Blood Bowl, the video game adaptation of Games Workshop’s boardgame.
EU & US Release date: 22 September 2015
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If you want blood, you got it.

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Blood Bowl 2 pre-order customers will now get both DLC teams

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Originally Cyanide Studios decided to give away only one of the two available pre-order races for Blood Bowl 2 - that's lizardmen or wood elves - to each customer. Good news for players, they've gone back on that idea.

In a Steam blog post the team says it's decided to thank fans for their support by offering both races; everyone who pre-ordered on Steam gets both, while those who bought the game in the first week will get the lizardmen for free.

Blood Bowl 2 now available, launch trailer released

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Blood Bowl 2 is now available on digital distribution, and Cyanide releases a new launch trailer to celebrate.

Blood Bowl 2 gameplay trailer shows an elves versus orks throwdown

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Blood Bowl 2 is out this week, and ahead of the launch developer Cyanide has released a teaser video that shows off a sample match-up between orks and snooty high elves.

The former are a bunch of hooligan bruisers who spend as much time head-butting the enemy as they do playing sport, while the latter are preening Cristiano Ronaldo types, all grace, skill and elegance.

Multiplayer Beta open for Blood Bowl 2, new Bretonnian team star in latest trailer

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The multiplayer Beta for Cyanide Studios' Blood Bowl 2 is now live, and to celebrate the news, the studio has released a teaser trailer showing off the game's new Bretonnian team in action.

When I say new, I mean new to the entirety of Blood Bowl, not just the video games. Cyanide worked closely with Games Workshop to design the team, who prefer getting their hands bloody to actually playing any sports.

Blood Bowl 2 Bretonnian Jousting Gameplay Trailer

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The beta of Blood Bowl 2, the sequel to the video game adaptation of Games Workshop's famous board game that combines American football with the fantasy world of Warhammer, has launched! Players who have pre-ordered the game on Steam (official release on September 22) may already start playing and test their strategies in multiplayer, as well as against AI in one-off matches.

Join the many players already playing, and create your teams from the races currently available in this beta: Humans, Orcs, Skaven, and Dwarfs. All customised multiplayer leagues as well as teams created during the beta will be preserved... so you may start leveling up your favourite team without any regret! When the game officially launches on September 22, the other races will be made available, including the Bretonnians, who are showing-off their jousting talent in today's gameplay video.

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