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Blood Bowl 2 Summary


Blood Bowl 2 Review

If you want blood, you got it.

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Winter comes to Blood Bowl 2 with The Norse Race

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When Blood Bowl 2 released back in September 2015, our review from SamuraiRabbit pointed out the lack of races available on launch, contributing to an average rating of 6.5/10. With fans fairly upset about there only being 8 available races compared to the 23 in the first Blood Bowl, Focus Home and Cyanide Studios have been working hard to add more, with the first - The Norse - added today.

Registration for Blood Bowl II World Cup championships now live

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Focus Home Interactive has announced that registration for the World Cup championship tournament for Cyanide Studio's fantasy-themed football game Blood Bowl II is now live. The tourney will feature a $35,000 purse, including $10,000 in cash prizes, three high-end gaming PCs, computer equipment (including Strix 7.1 headphones, Gladius mice and mouse pads, and Tactic Pro keyboards), a Strix 970 graphic card, Games Workshop licensed products and over 120 Steam games.

Blood Bowl 2 owners getting four new races for free

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There was a bit of controversy a few weeks ago when Steam accidentally listed free jerseys for Blood Bowl 2 as premium DLC. Part of it revolved around the fact that the DLC packs featuring the Lizardman and Wood Elves teams were indeed a premium DLC for $6.99 each.

Four new teams are coming to Blood Bowl 2, and Cyanide is giving them to Blood Bowl 2 owners for free.

Blood Bowl 2 update accidentally makes free jerseys a paid microtransaction item, Cyanide vows to fix

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Blood Bowl 2 players were incensed to find that after the latest patch for Blood Bowl 2 the previously free jersey DLC was behind a paywall. Cyanide Studio sent out a quick message to say that it was all a mistake.

Blood Bowl 2 pre-order customers will now get both DLC teams

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Originally Cyanide Studios decided to give away only one of the two available pre-order races for Blood Bowl 2 - that's lizardmen or wood elves - to each customer. Good news for players, they've gone back on that idea.

In a Steam blog post the team says it's decided to thank fans for their support by offering both races; everyone who pre-ordered on Steam gets both, while those who bought the game in the first week will get the lizardmen for free.

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