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Enter the world of Pandora. (Xbox 360)

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Gearbox update original Borderlands multiplayer with Steamworks

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The closure of GameSpy meant that original Borderlands Vault Hunters could no longer play co-op together, but developer Gearbox Software has just now released a new multiplayer update.

Steamworks now powers the online chaos on Pandora. The studio would also like to reminds fans that their physical DVD versions can be activated on Steam.

Latest Borderlands update removes DRM, gets game ready for multiplayer restoration

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Borderlands was one of the games hit by the whole GameSpy server shutdown business, which was not good news for a game focused mainly on co-operative play.

It's all going to be okay, though, fans of shooting and looting - an update released yesterday not only removed SecuRom DRM from the game, but also added a "Granting Tool" to turn retail copies of Borderlands into Steam versions. The accompanying Steam community post confirms that "Steamworks multiplayer is coming in a future update".

Borderlands 3 will happen, Gearbox reassures fans

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Gearbox might be focusing on its new IP Battleborn right now, but that doesn't mean the studio has forgotten about the heavy-hitting Borderlands franchise.

Speaking to Game Informer, executive producer Sean Reardon said only "asteroids" hitting Earth would stop them making a third game in the co-op shooter franchise. Does he know something we don't?

New screenshots show Telltale's upcoming Borderlands game in action

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Telltale Games has released the first in-game screenshots from its forthcoming Tales From the Borderlands adventure game, featuring the expected mix of varied dialogue options, bright cartoony visuals and lashings of ultraviolence.

Civilization and Borderlands series will move servers to Steamworks May 31 after GameSpy shutdown

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Borderlands, Civilization III and Civilization IV will all migrate their multiplayer over to Steamworks after the closure of GameSpy's extensive server lists.

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