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Loudr offering 4 day Black Friday sale on game music

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Loudr has announced that it is holding a Game Music Festival from today, the 29th November through to the 2nd December, which will include the Game Music Bundle 6, themed collections, interviews, audio commentaries and reviews.

Xbox Live Arcade 'hasn't peaked' say analysts, "some fracturing"

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World of Goo creator Ron Carmel argued that Xbox Live Arcade has reached its peak, but analysts aren't in agreement although "some of his points are valid".

Not every title is the "right fit for every service," notes EEDAR's Jesse Divnich. They're "seeing some fracturing" among devs as other services continue to rise.

Blow: The Witness on Xbox 360 and PS3 "just not worth it for us"

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Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid, has revealed his latest game The Witness will be skipping Xbox 360 and PS3 because they're 'too old to bother with'.

Their five-year-old specs are "a lot in computer years," and it would take "such a lot of work" to port The Witness that it's "just not worth it for us."

Pinball FX's Zen Studios defends Microsoft, "let it go already"

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Mel Kirk of Zen Studios has felt he needs to rally to Microsoft's defence after the latest 'attack' on the platform holder by Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat.

They're not out to "discredit" Team Meat's experience with Microsoft, but Zen are "willing to stick up" for Xbox 360. A minor PR war erupted between studios.

Braid dev: Social networking games 'evil'

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Jonathan Blow, developer of Braid, has some serious issues with social networking games like Farmville and Mob Wars. He thinks these "social" games are fairly anti-social, and in the end - "evil".

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