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Broforce gets (more) patriotic with the Freedom Update, which adds two new Bros

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It was Independence Day over the weekend, of course, a day for celebrating the victory of Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum over those despicable alien idiots. To mark the occasion, Broforce developer Free Lives is adding two new action hero Bros to the action-packed side-scrolling shooter in a new 'Freedom Update'.

First up you've got The Brocketeer, a jetpack-wearing hero based on the main character from the much underrated 1991 sci-fi flop The Rocketeer. Seriously, I really like that film, go watch it.

BroForce update adds 'User-Generated Island' for player-created levels

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The latest BroForce update adds a new 'User-Generated Island' off the coast of the game's world map, where players can play the best user-created missions from Steam Workshop.

BroForce's level editor was added last month, and the simple tool-set has allowed modders to create a bunch of new areas for players to blow up in the game's inimitable style.

Latest Broforce update adds Steam Workshop support

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Let's all take a minute to appreciate the hard work of developer Freelives. Not content with creating a fantastically silly and entertaining scrolling shooter with Broforce, they've been pumping out free content for the game ever since its launch.

And they're still not done. Though if you feel like giving the poor chaps a break, the latest 'tactical update' adds Steam Workshop support, alongside new Bros and new maps.

Free Lives releases Broforce tie-in expansion The Expendabros for free

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If you've never played ridiculously entertaining platform shooter Broforce, now might be a good time to give it a try. Developer Free Lives has released a free expansion pack for the game based on action movie The Expendables 3, and it's totally free until December.

The Expendabros packs together ten missions and seven new Bros, each based on one of the characters from the film. The new Bros all pack signature weapons and special abilities, from knife-throwing to miniguns. All that for free. Not a bad deal at all.

Latest Broforce update adds two Bros and new voicework

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It's always a good day when you get new Bros for Broforce. For the latest update, titled ' Death From Above', developer Free Lives has added two - machine-gun legged Cherry Broling and grenade-flinging Colonel James Broddock.

There's also a bunch of fixes and improvements to the gameplay, a new announcer and re-recorded voicework for your terrorist foes.

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