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Infinity Ward tease picture of Captain Price from Call of Duty

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Something warfare related and modern is going on with Infinity Ward as they tweeted a teasing picture of Call of Duty notable, Captain Price. "Brace yourselves. Price is coming," read the accompanying caption.

It's unclear what exactly it is referring to with regards to Price. Is this a tease for the next Modern Warfare, or some Ghosts DLC? Sledgehammer is now the third COD studio.

Call of Duty moving to three-year cycle, Sledgehammer named third studio

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Activision is making a slight change to their Call of Duty roster as the series will be moving into a third-year development cycle, instead of having just two years per release. Does that mean year's without COD?

No, no, don't be silly. Activision has named Sledgehammer Games as the third Call of Duty studio, joining Treyarch and creator Infinity Ward. More "DLC and micro DLC".

Sledgehammer working on "next Call of Duty - Modern Warfare release", says CV

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The LeakAlot LinkedIn profile for a senior VFX artist at Sledgehammer Games mentions they're working on "photo real visual effects" for the "next Call of Duty - Modern Warfare release"; it's been edited since.

Infinity is busy with Call of Duty: Ghosts as they didn't want to just keep adding sequels to the Modern Warfare series. That means it's wide open for another studio to play with.

Tripwire "really discouraged" by current state of shooters 'caused by' Call of Duty

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John Gibson, president of Tripwire Interactive, has some stark views on Activision's Call of Duty franchise. The Red Orchestra 2 developer feels they have "almost ruined a generation of FPS players."

During Red Orchestra 2's testing, Tripwire got a lot of feedback complaints that it 'wasn't like Call of Duty'. He acknowledges it's "smart business, to a degree," when you 'give away kills'.

Infinity Ward release shot of Xi3 micro PC bearing studio's logo

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Call of Duty creator Infinity Ward has released a shot of a Xi3 micro PC that's partially funded by Valve, and which was unveiled back in January at CES. IW posted the image on Facebook and Twitter.

The studio didn't elaborate much beyond the images, other than asking 'what's this?' via Twitter and writing 'game development' on Facebook. Xi3 is powered by Steam software.

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