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Civilization has returned in all its glory, in a form that we truly feel will stand the test of time...

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The newest Humble Bundle is a trove of Firaxis goodies

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Firaxis has been on a roll for a pretty long time with a generally well-received backlog of strategy offerings. Whether you're looking at Civilization or Firaxis's reboot of XCOM, there's a lot to take in from their games and even more on the way with XCOM 2. If you're worried your Firaxis collection isn't complete or if you want to get up to date for the upcoming sci-fi strategy sequel, then the latest Humble Bundle is your cost-effective shot at filling those voids.

Civ 5 Battle Royale sees 42 nations battle to the death

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The Civilization series lends itself well to emergent stories. Does anyone remember the endless Civ 2 war a Reddit poster documented a couple of years back?

This Civ 5 Battle Royale project is something on an even bigger scale though; 42 different AI-controlled civs are battling it on a huge map of Earth, and the Reddit r/Civ community is watching, munching popcorn and watching the world slide into chaos.

Beyond Earth available to pre-load, Civilization 5 goes free until launch day

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Almost time for blast-off. Firaxis' space age spin-off Civilization: Beyond Earth is now ready to pre-load on Steam, ahead of its full release on October 24.

If you fancy indulging in a little practice empire-building before then, there's some more good news. Firaxis has also made Civilization 5 free to play until Beyond Earth launches.

Report: Steam's 'most popular' games tallied, around 37% never played

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Ars Technica has sifted through public data from Steam to build a list of the most popular games owned on the platform. The most popular? DOTA 2 with around 25.9 million users.

Playing second fiddle is Team Fortress 2 with 20.3 million. The top twenty games are dominated by Valve, although Skyrim and Civilization V squeezed in. There's another interesting stat.

2K: Firaxis announcing "new AAA game" tomorrow at PAX East

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Civilization developer Firaxis will be announcing a "new AAA game" tomorrow, according to 2K Games teaser for their PAX East 2014 'pre-show checklist'. More XCOM or Civilization?

The 'Firaxis Games Mega Panel' will commence tomorrow at 4:30pm BST for one hour at the DragonFly Theatre. 2K promise an "exciting sneak peek" at their latest project.

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