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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive models and animations to be updated by Valve

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Valve is working on updating the models and animations in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, improving their skeletal movement and the responsiveness of their hitboxes.

"The new system modernizes the player’s skeleton and hitboxes to better express at-a-glance exactly what your enemies and teammates are doing. We’ve upgraded all the existing body animations, and added some new ones like visible weapon deploys, bomb defusing, and ladder-climbing," explains Valve.

Valve bans pro Counter-strike players from gambling after string of match-fixing bans

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In response to a recent wave of bans for match-fixing in Counter-strike: Global Offensive, Valve has decided to tighten up the rules for professional players.

Pro players can no longer place bets on matches, even if they’re not directly participating in the game in question. All tournaments sponsored by Valve are now subject to this rule.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive kicks off Operation Vanguard‏

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Valve is once again adding six new community chosen maps to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This time the event's known as Operation Vanguard, and its the fifth major celebration of the game's hard-working modding community.

As well as the new maps, players can earn new community weapon skins, and take part in the 'Operation Campaigns' system to earn rewards and a place on the leaderboards.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive now offers custom Music Packs to replace in-game audio

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is introducing Music Kits, special packs that let you change the music heard in the game's main menu, as well as the various sounds you hear throughout the game.

So you'll have your own unique sounds for bomb warnings, round starting and round ending notifications and so on. You'll even get a signature tune that plays when you're the team's MVP.

Valve considering a Counter-Strike version of DotA 2's International tournament

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Considering the ridiculously huge crowd-funded reward pool that DotA 2's The International 2014 tournament has already racked up, it's not surprising that the company is looking at holding similiar competitions for other popular games.

Speaking to, Valve’s Erik Johnson said that he doesn't see why the same model "couldn't be applied directly to Counter-Strike". My CS skills have long since atrophied to the point of uselessness, but the promise of $10,000,000 might just tempt me into a doomed attempt at not being terrible.

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