Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

EU & US Release date: 21 Aug, 2012
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Fire in the hole! GO, GO, GO.

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De_Inferno Map Returns to Counter Strike: Global Offensive After A Lengthy Rework

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It's almost time for Inferno to make its debut - and we're not talking about the new Tom Hanks movie here, either. Sorry, Dan Brown fans!

Valve Returns Sprays to CS:GO But There's A Catch

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Sprays have once again returned to CS:GO however, some players are unhappy with their implementation. The sprays allow you to graffiti the landscape with your chosen design. Sprays can only be obtained through either microtransactions, the steam marketplace and a random chance to drop when you rank up.

Valve cracks down on CS:GO gambling sites

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Last week Valve said they were going to be taking action against sites facilitating Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling, and it looks like they’re making good on that promise, sending cease and desist letters to over 20 offending sites. The sites named have ten days to comply before having their Steam accounts shut down.

Valve responds to CS:GO gambling controversy

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If you’ve paid any attention to gaming news in the past couple of weeks, you’re well aware of the recent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive controversy. If not, the short version is that people are gambling for in-game items, and the owners of a site that facilitates these bets were running Youtube promotions without disclosing their connection to the site. The story blew up, prompting Valve to respond.

The latest Counter Strike: Global Offensive viewership numbers fall from the last major tournament

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How about that game last night, huh? The Brazilian champions SK Gaming, formerly known as Luminosity Gaming made quick work of Team Liquid last night winning two straight games. While we admit it wasn’t the best grand final we’ve ever seen, it definitely wasn’t bad enough to warrant the viewership numbers dropping off by almost half compared to the last major.

The most recent event (ESL One Cologne) managed to obtain a peak number of 850,000 viewers, down from the 1.6 million viewers during the last major, MLG Columbus. There are many factors as to why this drop-off occurred, though the exact reason for a drop-off this large remains unknown.

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