Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

EU & US Release date: 21 Aug, 2012
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Valve takes a strict stance with new Counter-Strike mod rules

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One might not think of Valve as the fun police when it comes to a game that was born directly out of mods, but that appears to be the case. The company has decided to take a much more strict stance against servers containing mods that allow players any sort of benefit outside of cosmetic items.

ESL Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pro League starts 2016 season with $1.5M championship prize purse

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The 2016 season for the ESL Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pro League has launched, featuring 24 professional teams and a $1.5 million prize pool for the season and championship bracket.

Valve makes ban on match fixing CS:GO players permanent

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It's been some time since we heard about the scandal that took place earlier in 2015 during qualifier rounds for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive world tournament in which players were found to be fixing matches and were consequently banned indefinitely. Today Valve issued an official statement that these bans will be permanent and future shady behavior of the like will not be tolerated.

Valve issues apology and promise of better implementation in future Counter-Strike patches

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Valve has more than a little bit of egg on their face following the holiday patches they issued for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They unbalanced the game so much and caused so much outcry that they practically had to recall the whole patch. Today, they issued an open apology to the Counter-Strike community.

Valve nerfs new R8 Revolver shortly after introducing it

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That didn't take too long, did it? Three days after the R8 Revolver was introduced in a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update, Valve has scaled back the hand-cannon due to widespread complaints from fans that it was way too powerful.

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