Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

EU & US Release date: 21 Aug, 2012
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review

Fire in the hole! GO, GO, GO.

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After Its First Appearance In Counter Strike 1.1, De_Dust2 Won't Be Showing Up At This Year's CS:GO Major

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After carrying the torch for the well over a decade, de_dust2 won't be making an appearance at the next Counter Strike: Global Offensive Major.

It's Time For Team Fortress 2 To Quit With The Gambling - Valve Swings At Its Own Hat Simulator

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Remember when a popular YouTuber only grew more popular late last year after uncovering a dark secret to how other YouTubers were making the big bucks by enticing users to a Counter Strike: Global Offensive gambling scheme through staged videos? Well, it's apparently happening again. Only this time on Valve's beloved hat simulator Team Fortress 2.

Weather Can Be A Game Changer In This Counter Strike: Global Offensive Mod

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Even if you don't play Counter Strike: Global Offensive or any other version of Valve's mega-popular multiplayer FPS, you can probably imagine the kinds of issues you'd run into shooting anything with a sandstorm closing in around you. So with modders introducing the game's best weather mod to date, you can expect the pros to feel a little out of their comfort zone soon.

Two Strikes And You're Out - New Counter Strike Anti-Cheat System Lays Down The Law

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If you're one for ruining the experience millions have paid for, be prepared to face the consequences. Though you'll likely be a little displeased to face permanent removal from a game you play to make other people miserable, you only have yourself to blame in the end. So if you're caught cheating in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, be ready to taste sweet justice.

De_Inferno Map Returns to Counter Strike: Global Offensive After A Lengthy Rework

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It's almost time for Inferno to make its debut - and we're not talking about the new Tom Hanks movie here, either. Sorry, Dan Brown fans!

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