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Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham Latest News

Crusader Kings II clears one million sales, Charlemagne expansion due soon

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Paradox Interactive wants to thank "every one of those million" grand strategists / medieval wedding planners out there that have pushed Crusader Kings II to a million sales since its 2012 launch.

Crusader Kings II is a "shining example" for Paradox for the games they like to make, and who for. The seventh expansion - Charlemagne - turns back the clock to 769 A.D.

Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India now out, launch trailer released

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Paradox Interactive's Rajas of India expansion for Crusader Kings II is out today stomping across the Indian subcontinent with its herd of mighty Sikh, or maybe Buddhist elephants. This is the sixth expansion.

A major patch has also released for all Crusader Kings II monarchs, bringing major map revisions and Steam Workshop and matchmaking support.

Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India releases March 25th, new 'feature highlights' trailer

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Paradox Interactive is unleashing the Rajas of war next week with their latest Crusader Kings II expansion. The huge subcontinent of India squeezes onto the world map for new sovereigns to squabble over.

This is the sixth expansion to the strategy RPG that is Crusader Kings II - the soap opera of grand strategy if you will. We will be able to control a Hindu, Buddhist or Jain ruler.

Paradox introduce Indian subcontinent with Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India

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Paradox Interactive has now starting detailing what awaits in their newest Crusader Kings II expansion, and it's the whole of India with a "wealth of new cultural and religious events" across hundreds of provinces.

Rajas of India present all new lands to bring under Christianity or Islam, but then again there's always the spread of Hinduism and Buddhism. Part waves in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Humble Bundle launches Thanksgiving sale on Humble Store

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Steam isn't the only one after your precious Thanksgiving / Autumn pennies as Humble Bundle's very own Humble Store is now running a holiday sale. Its bloody price campaign begins with Crusader Kings II.

The entire grand strategy with all its DLC to-date is up for a poultry $20. That's right, celebrate Thanksgiving by giving the Native Americans the week off from cultural persecution.