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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Review

The former console exclusive answers the call to teach a new audience what it means to be mortal, over and over and over and over and...

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Dark Souls III 'confirmed' with E3 promo image, launching in 'Early 2016'

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The skulking rumour of RPG Dark Souls III has been slain by the fact it actually does exist. IGN has revealed a promotional image for the From Software developed sequel which has 'Early 2016' stamped on it.

The E3 image shows an armour-clad hero looking a little rough. It was believed a new entry in the unforgiving RPG series would appear this month at E3 2015 next week, and now it seems it will.

Rumour: Dark Souls III to unveil at E3, first details and images leak

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It seems leaks have sprung for Dark Souls III which is rumoured to be appearing next week at E3 2015 in California. The tough-as-nails RPG has also let some alleged screenshots surface, according to YouTube channel The Know.

They also claim to have some of the very first details, like how a PC version is 'negotiable'. It will support 1-4 players, 10 playable classes, 45 new enemies, 15 new bosses, 60 mins of cutscenes, and even 'sword fighting arts'.

Dark Souls defeats the Games For Windows Live dragon at last

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Players of From Software's ever-popular fantasy action RPG Dark Souls can now opt to transfer the game's multiplayer functionality from the much-maligned Games For Windows Live over to Steamworks.

The optional update will let you keep both your save data and achievements, and the service is available from December 15 to February 16.

Dark Souls' Games for Windows Live migration delayed until December

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Dark Souls was intended to shed its much-maligned Games for Windows Live online functionality in favour of moving across to Steam this November, but the date's now been pushed back a month.

The news was revealed in a post on the game's Steam community page, with Bandai Namco promising to keep fans updated over the coming weeks.

Locked Steam achievements suggest Dark Souls is on the verge of ditching Games For Windows Live

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Dark Souls has taken the rotting dragon that is Games for Windows Live down to its final health bar, and is on the verge of moving entirely over to Steamworks.

From Software's title has a bunch of new Steam achievements (though they're locked right now), which suggests that the action RPG is about to make the final jump across to Valve's retail platform.

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