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Darkest Dungeon to release in full next January

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Darkest Dungeon, the game in which every single one of your intrepid band of grimdark adventurers can contract syphilis and then get eaten by an undead pig, will release in full next January.

Red Hook's charmingly grimy tactical combat game has been on Steam Early Access since this February, and has since received a sackful of additional content, some aspects of which have turned out to be more popular than others.

Darkest Dungeon update adds a new region called The Cove

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Early Access festival of grimness Darkest Dungeon has just received a new update that adds an entirely new zone, The Cove. It comes with seven new monsters to murder all your favourite characters, and a couple of new bosses.

The Cove's resident monsters are fast and bleed resistant, and utilise attacks that cause bleed effects. They also use moves that no other monsters in the game do, like healing and guarding. "These mechanics may begin to work their way into other dungeon regions in the future," warns developer Red Hook.

Darkest Dungeon dev gives players the option to turn off controversial mechanics

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Darkest Dungeon was initially lauded as a role model Early Access title, something all other developers should strive to emulate. In recent months though, it hasn't been all plain sailing for developer Red Hook Studios.

Trying to make the roguelike dungeon crawler more challenging for a hardcore group of fans, the team added a few harsh new mechanics – and ended up irritating everyone else.

The Hound Master class makes his way to Darkest Dungeon this month

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Another unfortunate adventurer is about to make his way to Red Hook Studios' moody, Gothic dungeon crawler Darkest Dungeon in the next update, the crusty yet effective Hound Master.

We don't know exactly which role he'll take up in combat, but I'd imagine he'll probably be able to occupy both the front and back ranks, flinging ranged abilities at people while sending his faithful canine pal into battle.

Fiends and Frenzy update adds new classes and bosses to Darkest Dungeon

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Gritty, grimy dungeon crawler Darkest Dungeon has received its biggest Early Access update yet, adding new hero classes, loot and bosses, plus a laundry list of big fixes and tweaks.

Fiends and Frenzy introduces two new miscreants to your roster, the Man-At-Arms and the Arbalest. The former is a melee specialist, while the latter adopts my favourite approach, namely hiding at the back shooting unspeakable abominations while they're distractedly chewing on the front-liners.

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