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Darkest Dungeon developer warns of illegal version on the Windows Game Store

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Red Hook Studios co-president and designer for grimy, Gothic dungeon-crawler Darkest Dungeon Tyler Sigman has warned customers of an illegal version of the game apparently available to buy on the Windows Game Store.

Sigman tweeted; "If anyone has a contact at Windows Game Store, please share. Somebody is scamming DD by selling it (illegally) on there."

Darkest Dungeon appears on Kickstarter, a gothic side-scrolling roguelike RPG

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Are you ready for a side-scrolling roguelike descent into dungeon madness? Darkest Dungeon has just emerged on Kickstarter today, asking for a modest $75k... which it has already blown past.

We recruit, train and lead a group of dungeon dwellers who most overcome numerous challenges in this turn-based, roguelike CRPG. We'll have to battle "stress, famine, disease" as well.

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